#18- The Curse of “Up North” Minnesota.

Fall is such a beautiful season because of the color change, pumpkin spice coffee, and film photography.

Up North, Minnesota is a great place to photograph the fall season, but I haven’t been able to document it, and it’s not because I haven’t tried but because I’m starting to feel like this might be a curse with photographing “Up North” Minnesota, Let me explain…

Last year, 2019, during the fall season, I drop my Mamiya 645 in between boulders, I think the viewfinder and lens still work, but the rest of the camera has been damaged/broken.

The last image I took with my Mamiya 645.

“Up north” Minnesota

This year 2020. My family and I took a trip to Up North Minnesota to get outside for a little bit ( because of the pandemic), and of course, I took my camera with me (Pentax 67).

The first stop was in Duluth, Minnesota.

After taking a little break to strech our legs, we jump back in the car and headed to our destination, “Silver Bay” for some hiking.

When we finally got to our destination and started our short hike. The scenery was beautiful, the colors were popping, and the weather was excellent—the perfect day to go on a hike. I was so excited because I was finally going to photograph the beautiful colors of the fall. I shot two rolls of film, Ektar 100 and Portra 800.

I couldn’t wait to develop the film, but between work and family, it took me like three weeks to develop the film, and then this happened!

swipe to the left.

Yeah, no photographs this year. There is no information on the film strip; I have no idea what happened? But not everything is lost because I snap a photo or two with my phone, Lol (Samsung Note 20 Ultra)

I also took a family selfie with my digital camera/flash.

Somewhere along the way Up North in Minnesota.

I was disappointed because I didn’t have any photographs from the fall of 2020, but on the other hand, I spent some time with my family, and we got to do something together as a family and got a family selfie. We are far from getting back to normal with this pandemic, but we can get there together.

Stay safe, keep shooting, keep improving.