#17 Film and Digital Memories

Earlier in September of 2020, I photograph a six-month-old baby. Her name is Dasha, the baby is adorable, and to my surprise, Dasha liked me. The challenge here is to have the baby looking at the camera for me to take a picture. It’s not easy to take photographs of babies, but with my digital camera, I pressed the shutter button until I knew I had the shot. Here’s the final photo.

Canon 5D Mark iii

The family only wanted photographs of Dasha. When Dayana (mom) picked her up, Brian (dad) joint the Kodak moment, making a tender moment. I had to record it because these beautiful moments are memories for a lifetime.

I try to always have my film camera with me, because I like shooting with film whenever I get a chance to use my film camera. When I got ready for this session, I made sure to pack my Pentax, 67. Just in case I would be able to use it for this photo session. Here are the results with the Pentax 67.

The Digital photographs are beautiful but I lean more towards the film photos more. Wich pictures you guys like best?

Keep shooting, keep improving.

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