Oops! I Did It Again

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson

My brothers, David and Daniel, have a podcast called “Pura Cultura” and they asked me if I could take some photos for their website. Of course, I said yes! I’m proud of my brothers for starting a podcast, the consistency, and the hard work that requires to create value for the listeners.

The photo-shoot for “Pura Cultura” was shot with my digital gear because digital is my main format, maybe someday I’ll switch to analog/film? but for now, digital is my bread and butter. My brother David had a vision for the shoot, he knew the look he wanted, and once we got the shots, then I photograph with some film and my Pentax 67.

I photograph these portraits, with a roll of Portra 400, on an overcast day, and the results are underexposed. Again! With a digital camera, I can see the image right away, but with film, I have to wait until the roll gets develop. But this is why I like film because it makes me think of things like, should I overexposed this shot? how many stops should I overexposed this shot? and so on… I only edit one photograph because the rest of the frames didn’t look interesting or good enough to me. Here’s the photograph.

I though this was a little warm
I rarely like B/W but this one, I like it a lot

Since I talked about the digital photo-shoot, here are some samples of the photographs from that day.

“Pura Cultura” is a Podcast about Hip Hop/Pop Culture, they talk about what’s going on with the music and artists. They also talk about the feds because the feds are always listening. In this episode #90, the feds join in on a conversation about “English is our second language” If you wanna give them a listen, you can find them on iTunes and Spotify or any platform you use to listen to your favorite podcast.

Thank you for reading my blog. Let’s keep shooting and improving.

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