Earlier this year in January of 2020, I traveled to Mexico for my niece’s wedding, and of course, I had to take my film cameras, with a bag of film. I felt nervous about taking my film cameras and film because I didn’t know what to expect at the airport with the x-rays machine. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) primary focus is on the airport security. They are responsible for making us take our shoes and belt off before entering the metal detector, and all items must go through an x-ray machine. After doing some research I got ready for my trip to Mexico, I knew that I had to be organized for my trip, and by packing my cameras and film carefully, I knew that it would make it easier to go through security (TSA).

I grabbed three ziplock bags, one for the none exposed film, the other bag was for the exposed film, when coming back from my trip, and a extra bag just in case.

I also made sure there was no film in my camera, just in case that TSA would want to open the camera to check.

Pentax 67

When the day came for me to travel, I was packed and ready to go. I arrived at the airport, and the next thing I had to do was to get my ticket. For some reason getting my ticket gets me nervous, its probably because in the past, my ticket didn’t get printed, and I felt like everybody was watching me. That’s why I get a little uneasy when I see a kiosk. After getting my ticket printed, I walked over to the TSA security area, where I stood in line for a while. When it was my turn to get checked, I told the officer what I had in my bags, and asked them if it was possible to do a “hand check” instead of sending my camera and film through the x-ray machine. The officer said yes, he took my gear and swabbed it with a wet towel, and I waited for the test to be finished. When the TSA officer was done with my camera equipment, he brought it back to me, and then I was on my way to my gate.

This was at 6am

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