Under exposed / Pentax 67

Earlier this year, in January of 2020, I was fortunate enough to travel to Mexico for my niece’s wedding. I wasn’t the photographer for the event, but since I’m always carrying a camera, I had to take a few portraits with my medium, format camera, The Pentax 67 with a Kodak Portra 400.

I had a vision for this portrait session, everything was going the right way, but when I got the roll of film developed, I got a surprise! There were a few shots that were underexposed. Out of the ten frames, one became my favorite photo, the exposure was right, but the focus was super soft, it was blurry, at this point, I was disappointed with myself. My only hope was that somehow I could fix this in Photoshop.

Here are some samples of my underexposed shots.

These next shots are the same photos as the ones above but with a whole lot of photoshop.

This next photograph it hurt a little bit because it is my favorite shot, but it came out soft.

I edit the same photo, with a little heavy on the sharpness.

I knew she had close her eyes when I took the photo, so I took another one of the same frame.

The rest of the photos, which are the last two frames, were the best ones.

I like shooting film because there is something about how real and beautiful the moments can be without filters. But because I underexposed my photos, I had to edit them in photoshop, and the results were muddy. The muddiness and grain in the film photos can also be beautiful. These are mistakes that with the time I should get better at reading the light around me and manipulated in camera. I printed some photos, and I like them a lot, probably because these are photographs of my family. I decided to hang them on the wall, and here’s how they look.

2 thoughts on “Under exposed / Pentax 67

  1. What happened with the under exposed shots? I over exposed a couple shots last night because I forgot to meter and just started shooting lol. My shutter speed was at 250 and probably should have been at like 1000! LOL. Whoops! Now I gotta go back tonight and re-do the shot.


    1. Thank you Rob Moses Photography. I keep underexposing my shots, the thing I’m trying now is to read the light for shadows and highlights and then go somewhere in the middle. I hope this works better for me.


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