Shades of Gray

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”

Sir Francis Bacon

The shades of gray is what makes a black and white photograph look sexy. when we see B/W photographs, we are seeing tones of grey generally going from dark to light.

I personally like to photograph with color, taking the color out of a photograph or shooting B/W is not my style. But after trying my first roll of B/W it has me wanting to explore it a little more. There’s something about black and white photographs that I think I like. I feel that by taking the color out, Viewers can find the focus point or the main subject easier instead of the distractions with different colors like red, yellow or orange in the photograph.

I shot this roll on two different occasions/events. The first event as you seen on some of the photographs above are from the birthday party. And the second event was from a “Lucha Libre” event. I’ve never been to a lucha libre but it was really cool, I thought it was going to be fun but I found myself really enjoying watching the luchadores (wrestlers) do their tricks, watching them flying around and slamming each other against the canvas, this event made me forget of how many shots I had left in the roll. When I got to my last shot, I though my camera jam so I pulled the winder harder and the film detach from the film canister. The lab that develops my film where able to get the film out and develop my roll, unfortunately I lost most of the photos from the lucha libre event but I was lucky enough to get one and a half photos from that night.

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