The last photograph

My favorite camera was the Mamiya 645 pro, until it fell off the tripod and now its sitting on my shelf broken. It was a sad day and my trip was over, the minute she crack. What happened? Well…, That was completely my fault because I was too excited about taking pictures, that I forgot to make sure that the camera and the tripod were secure. I know that a camera it’s just a tool to express myself but this camera had become a part of me, when this accident happened, I felt like a girl had broken up with me. Okay I’m exaggerating a bit, but the truth is that it hurt a little bit.

When I took a trip to Oregon in the summer of 2019. I took a picture of the Mt. Hood with my Mamiya 645 pro camera. I was using my favorite camera, to take pictures of the Mt. Hood from the Lost Lake resort in Oregon. Little did I knew that this would be my last photographs I would capture with my favorite camera.

As the camera was falling off from the tripod the only thing that I could do was just to watch her fall. There was nothing I could do, but to watch her hit the big boulders around me. The camera came apart because of the impact when it hit the big rocks and the film was exposed to light, I put the camera together and hit the auto rewinder. I thought the roll was finish rewinding but it wasn’t done somehow it got stuck. This particular roll of film was exposed to light twice. At this point I wasn’t sure how many images were going to survive.

Here’s the final photograph.

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