Golden leaves

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”

Jim Bishop

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter. In September, when the duration of daylight becomes shorter and temperatures starts dropping real fast, from cool to freezing temperatures, there’s a gap in between where the leaves change colors. In Minnesota this gap (fall) or the peak of changing colors go by really fast. Unfortunately I miss it again! but this time was because my favorite camera broke (Mamiya 645 pro) I’ll talk more about why I miss it, in a future blog, for now let me show you what I capture this year (2019), around my neighborhood.

Minolta X-570 and a roll of Kodak Gold

I wanted to find the red and yellow beautiful color leaves and the only way to find them was to drive around until I saw them. Finding this color leaves was a the mission, my first stop was a park near my home. In this park I saw the “fall” process and the sun shining through the leaves.

There was no red leaves around this park and then I though of a different place where I had taken pictures before. I found some red but not exactly what I was hooping. But I took some pictures to document this blog.

This was all I found and I felt like I could do better, I started walking back to my car, thinking of other places that I’ve seen red trees but I couldn’t think of anything. As I was driving around I saw this red tree by the technical college and I stop to take a picture of it. I was having a hard time framing this image because I didn’t want to show the parking lot and this was my final photograph.

Not my best framing work. I took one shot and drove away.

At this point, I had giving up on the color red of trees, I erase the color red from my mind, I then started to think about what is “fall”? what does it mean and what does it represent? Yes! of course, it means changing colors and pumpkin spice lates. But the “season Fall” represents many other things like Change, Mystery, Preservation, Protection, Comfort, Balance, Letting go and many other things. As I was thinking about all of this meanings that fall represents. I came to a stop because of a red light and almost right in front of me, I saw this park or I should say a “Disc Golf Park” and saw this golden leaves scenery.

This is my favorite shot.

This Park was full of golden leaves.

I like this transition of changing colors

This picture was interesting, I remember looking at it and thinking how and why would they do this?

it’s like a giant planter

I really like this shot but I feel like is missing something.

enjoying this walk
The sun come out at the end of the roll. Lol

I walked to the other side and got closer to the river.

I like this shot too.
The color blue in this picture is nice.

And when I thought I wouldn’t see any red, I found this.

finally some color red.

This photowalk was supposed to be for my blog, but it end it up remaining me something very important. It reminded me why I started this blog and why I shoot film. I do all of this because I like it, because documenting my process may help someone that is starting to shoot film and because I have fun shooting film. I had forgotten to have fun for a moment, because I wanted to find the maple trees that change to the color red. The important thing is that I remember my “why” and I had fun during this photowalk and at the end I was happy with the final images.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and don’t forget to have fun when you are doing the things that you love doing.

Let’s shoot some film!

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