How to make bad photographs

I shot this bad photographs with my Canon FE and a roll of Velvia 100F. One other thing I should also mention is that I had no idea how this type of film was going to behave, therefore I was expecting some bad photographs. I also under/over exposed some shots because I didn’t know how this film was going to behave and my framing was just off, not to mention I miss focus too. This was my rookie mistake.

Here are some steps on how to take bad photographs.

1- Buy a film stock, you’ve never shot before

2- don’t do any research, just shoot and learn

3- don’t use it until you go on a vacation 

4- shoot between 12pm and 2pm

Yeap! This is exactly what I did and the results were bad photographs. But there was one good thing, I took away from this experience. Taking pictures with my film camera brought me memories from when I was a hobbyist with my digital camera. I would walk around and take pictures of anything, the city lights, the benches around the lake, the road and of course my family, which they weren’t always happy to be photograph. Getting bad results and trying again and again, is the process of learning and getting better at whatever we choose to be our craft, for me, it happens to be photography and this is the way I choose to documented. This pictures are from my trip to Oregon. I stayed in the city of “The Dalles”, so naturally some of my photographs are from around this city and the River “Columbia Gorge” and the other shots are from my camping trip to Lost Lake also in Oregon. Here’s some of my bad photographs.

Let’s shoot more film!

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