Expired Film

I wasn’t sure what to expect from an expired roll of film but the results were interesting. The exposure was good but I also notice the images were really grainy and in a weird way they were good. Its like the grain give the photos that touch, that thing that makes them unique. I don’t know how to explain it, but I think the pictures look really good. 

In the summer of 2019 (It feels like it was yesterday since its the middle of October today and its suppose to snow this week. Those sunny beautiful days, feels like…, snap! snap! getting back to my story!) I was driving around when I saw a big sign with big letters inviting me to a garage sale, I follow the arrows and I found the place. I walked around and saw a film camera, I quickly went to see it and I ask the owner about the history of the camera and while talking to him and playing with the camera, I opened it and it had a roll of film. The owner lost his breath a little bit and said ” oh it had a roll” I felt bad even tho it wasn’t my fault, needless to say the camera didn’t advance the film so I didn’t buy the camera but I bought the film they had on the table for a few dollars because I need it to feel better about opening the back of the camera and ruined their roll of film.

Canon EF & Kodak Gold 200

I had in my hands some film for a cheap price and I had a camera that I’ve had been working on for sometime (replaced the light seals). I went to my sisters house and asked her if I could borrowed a couple of models for a test shoot (niece and nephew) of course she said yes and we were on our way to the park which is a two minute walk from their house. 
Let the photo shoot begin! I had my models do whatever they wanted to do in the playground because I wanted them to have fun on this shoot, as I was testing my camera I was having a little bit of trouble focusing when they’re were moving, because I’m not used to manual focus and before I knew it, we had gone through the roll of film. That was fast and its because it was only 24 exposures on the roll. Lol so we called it a day. 
I want to develop my own film in the future but for now, this roll of film went to the lab. when I first saw the images I was a little confused because the pictures were really grainy. I first looked at the exposure and it was good. Then I remember that it was an expired film. When I went back to my office, I search for the box of film and I found out that the expiration date was from 2001. I also talked to the lab  I take my film to get develop and they confirm that when a roll of film is expired and not refrigerated properly it can do weird things. And I like it! I’m looking forward on finding more expired film and see how expired film behaves. I’m assuming that different expiration dates will be different results, but for now here’s the results from this shoot.

This images were edited with color, contrast and sharpness.

This pictures below were not edited

Thank you for reading my blog if you want to share some of your expired film photos you can share them in the comments down below.

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