Welcome to Sammy’s Film Photography

My name is Samuel Tapia and I want to thank you for being here.

This is my personal blog where I am going to be learning analog cameras, testing film stocks and sharing my thoughts on what worked and what didn’t worked with each specific shoot.

I’m super excited for this journey that I’m about to embark because with every film roll that I finish and develop I will be getting better and better with film photography.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Why did I decided to document this process?

  • Because I want document my progress from the beginning.
  • Because maybe this blog can help someone that is going through the same process as me.
  • Because most likely I will learn from someone through this platform.

The posts that I hope to publish are going to be photos of a walk, events, landscape photography, portraiture, street photography, night photography, long exposures and anything that I can do to explore this phenomenon of film photography and also to get out of the house and enjoy the day.

Now that you know who I am and what are my intentions, let’s shoot some film!

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